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Drought in the bush

We began our first ever safari holiday in Sabi Sands. The word bush is apt to describe the landscape – wide open spaces of grasslands, areas of forest and river. And dry. We were lucky. We saw four of the ‘big’ five almost immediately. We were also lucky to be in the company of people…

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South Africa – progress?

South Africa By chance I was in South Africa recently, in Sabi Sands for a ‘trip of a life time’ and spending a couple of days in Johannesburg. One couldn’t miss the forthcoming election, with posters promoting the various parties plastered over billboards, lamp posts and any other suitable surface. And it was interesting to…

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Safari – drive in the wild or a big zoo?

How lucky am I – to have been into the bush in Africa, to watch animals and birds in their natural habitats, my previous experiences limited to zoos. But the experience does make you think. Needless to say, there are plenty of people wishing to enjoy this experience, not that it comes cheap! But this…

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Which is the ‘go to’ brand today?

There is just so much choice now – whether you are buying potatoes, bread, chocolate or fabric and wallpaper and paint. Of course, this is a good thing for the consumer (is it really? You now have to read the label to make sure you have the right potato to do the job you want,…

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Where are today’s interior decorators coming from?

First, for the purpose of this article, it’s worth distinguishing between an interior designer and an interior decorator. An interior designer will probably have taken a three year degree course and be fully conversant with spacial planning, lighting schemes, bathroom plumbing installations, etc. The emphasis will be more on the design of the space itself,…

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Shopping – on line or high street?

It’s all so easy nowadays, shopping. Statistics show that shopping on line continues to grow, not the only reason but certainly contributing to the demise of our high streets. Why on earth would we want to ‘go out’, to get in our cars, or take a bus or a train to the shops? Never mind…

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What happened to windows?

And what I mean by that is what has happened to the way we ‘dress’ our windows!? If we look back just over the last 20 years, the changes in fashions are dramatic. In the hey days of the late 1980s and early 1990s, window treatments were so creative that they could almost be described…

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The role of the interior designer and decorator today

Long ago, in years gone by! ……. When I first started working in the interior decoration world, you ‘had to have’ an interior designer to help you in your redecoration of your home. They would visit your home by appointment, discuss ideas with you to gain an idea of your tastes, colour preferences, desires, perhaps…

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Colour is as vital in our lives as sound, touch, taste. It is all around us, part of our lives. Colour is divisive and opens up conversations – we don’t all like the same colours, thank goodness. Colours affect our moods, some can make us happy and cheerful, others sad and depressed. Different colours can…

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Feature Walls – How they’ve Changed!

From the beginning of mankind, when we were living in caves, the vertical flat surface of a wall has offered an opportunity to decorate, to draw, to write, to communicate, to record. The history of wall covering is also long established.   It was the Chinese in 200 BC who first created paper from rice and…

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About Angela Asparagus

Passionate about interior design, commercial development and specialising in building awareness through great, recognisable design.

I have been privileged to work with some of the most recognised industry brands such as Ralph Lauren Home Collection, Designers Guild and Osborne & Little. Find out more about me Here

With a thriving portfolio of clients and projects, ranging from design and implementation to sales development, as well as writing, commenting and informing in articles and blogs for a number of well-known manufacturers of high-end interior design products.



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