Shopping – on line or high street?

It’s all so easy nowadays, shopping. Statistics show that shopping on line continues to grow, not the only reason but certainly contributing to the demise of our high streets. Why on earth would we want to ‘go out’, to get in our cars, or take a bus or a train to the shops? Never mind the cost, the struggle to park, having fought through all the other traffic. Why put ourselves through that amount of hassle when we can stay at home, sitting in a comfortable chair, perhaps with a drink and the TV on as a light distraction in the background.

Well, first of all, as a race we were not put on this planet to ‘stay indoors’, to cut ourselves off from the rest of the world. We are created to socialise. There is no way that we can enjoy the all round, multi dimensional experience of ‘going out’, to see what’s out there, if we restrict our shopping to ‘on line’. We ‘shoppers’ need to see what else is out there, find the bargain, try it on to make sure it suits us. Feel that sense of satisfaction when we win the day and go home with our carrier bags of goodies. (NB to shop keepers – please would you replace your non recyclable plastic bags at a price with paper ones which are environmentally friendly and actually seem rather more chic. Wouldn’t you rather we shoppers walk round proudly displaying your name on one of your bags than stuff our purchases of your products into one of our own bags, which we have remembered to take with us rather than give you the 5p to add yet another plastic bag to our pile of reusable plastic bags!)

Yes, I know when you shop on line you can always ‘send it back’ but that’s a hassle in itself and it really isn’t helping the environment to have all these white vans dashing around the place, clogging up the roads, as they deliver goods backwards and forwards.

Hats off to the ‘high street’ as they try to reinvent the shopping experience to lure you in, encouraging you to book your facial, manicure, cooking demo. And you will feel almost overwhelmed with the meeters and greeters stationed at the top of the escalator on every floor, never mind the decision as to what to have for lunch whilst there. But go with an open mind and enjoy. And come home with your carrier bags as proof of your success.

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